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The depth and breadth of our expertise and experience is not often found in smaller accountancy practices. As well as being qualified ACCA accountants we are also QFA qualified financial advisors. Accountancy services are our core business but are about much more than just compliance. With our focus on added value, we will give you expert independent objective advice. We are trusted advisors to many leading individuals and privately-owned businesses. Our aim is to significantly improve your business's performance by identifying and reducing risks, while also maximising growth opportunities. Our clients appreciate our partner-led approach and single point of contact which assures that they receive top level service at all times.

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Allen Reilly & Co. offers tailored solutions for your Payroll and Bookkeeping requirements. Our cost-effective service frees you from the need to maintain internal resources for these specialist areas. Regardless of the size of your business we can provide the assistance you need. Benefits/Services;

· Frees up management time.
· Eliminates the need for costly payroll & accounting software.
· Frequency of Payroll tailored to individual companies (weekly, monthly, etc.)
· Registration of employees & provision of payslips.
· Preparation of P30's & annual P35 returns.
· Preparation of P45 and P60s.
· Preparation of VAT3's, VAT RTD's & VIES returns.
· Preparation of RCT returns.
· Fixed fees arranged in advance.

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We proactively engage with our clients throughout the year in respect of personal & corporate tax. With Allen Reilly & Co. working for your business, you can be assured that all your relevant tax return and reporting deadlines will be adhered to in good time. Further, we don't just compute your tax liabilities: we consider all possible reliefs available to ensure they are minimised. We believe there is an important difference between planning and merely reacting to tax issues.

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As tax consultants we believe that taxation, just like any other business cost, is manageable with good planning and control. At Allen Reilly & Co., this is one of our particular specialities. We can look at your individual situation and recommend a tailored tax strategy. The fees you pay should be returned to you many times over through tax saving advice, business development guidance & keeping you on the right side of various regulations to ensure you don't inadvertently fall foul of fines and penalties. We pride ourselves on our energy and enthusiasm in staying up-to-date with the ever-changing tax legislation and appraising our clients' situations in relation to these.

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In a time of increased focus on regulatory compliance, Allen Reilly & Co. can help you adhere to your duties under the Companies Acts. We can update and maintain the statutory registers of a company, and ensure timely compliance to statutory regulations. We offer a full range of Company Secretarial services including:
· Company formation and name changes.
· Annual returns minutes.
· Maintenance of company registers.
· General secretarial services.
· Specialist consultancy advice.

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Allen Reilly & Co. is a good place to start when you are considering a merger, acquisition or similar expansion to your business. Give your business the best chance of success by obtaining the right professional advice. At Allen Reilly & Co., we have considerable expertise in this area and will base our advice on sound projections. We also have a network of contacts to help secure the right financial package. Whatever area of corporate finance you need assistance with: mergers or acquisitions, finance options or business valuations, Allen Reilly & Co. have the specialist expertise you need.

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We want your business to grow and to thrive. We will advise you - not only on regulatory obligations, but also on techniques that have helped others to become more efficient. Our aim is to help you maximise revenue streams and capitalise on the opportunities available. We are proactive, motivated and focused on our clients' needs. We do not rest on our laurels, but strive to be continually up-to-date on the challenges and opportunities faced by our diverse clients.

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Starting a business can be a daunting prospect. While you have the passion and specialist expertise related to your project, you may find the technicalities of setting up the business outside your scope of knowledge. That's where Allen Reilly & Co. can help. We will be there to work closely with you each step of the way. We will guide you through the initial planning stages, to business entity formation and registration. We can advise on what structure you should choose and can even point you in the right direction to raise finance and avail of grant funding if applicable. We can suggest associates specialising in non-accounting areas such as IT systems, web solutions, human resources, employment law etc. And of course our world revolves around tax; we will advise you on the best way to plan for your liabilities and maximise your growth. As your business grows, Allen Reilly & Co. will continue to be there to advise and assist you with the challenges you face.

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